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Mark Dean the GREATEST!!
I LOVE this album.  You can't get the songs out of your head.  I have recorded at AEP many times.  Mark Dean has produced all my stuff.  I wouldn't go anywhere else.  And I'm VERY impressed with this website!!  Kyetha Design has really outdone themselves on this one.  All I can say is IMPRESSIVE, IMPRESSIVE, IMPRESSIVE!!  Keep up the GREAT work.  Can't wait for the next album.
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And I have, as well as remember all those recordings, Sweet.. And I also do remember the songs of ages in the epic days of our young love. This I post to you as is the beauty I see timeless. 89-91 Written in Stone Leaving alone Lost in the city and knowing that you’re Far away from home Make no mistake Who’s the one with what it takes when, Beginning is as far back ya go I see what it takes to begin again Living long enough we will find in the end that, We’re written in stone Don’t give it away The dreams you’re selling today cause, I can see your vision shine And when I knew, that I was really getting through to ya I began to feel it was mine I knew I had to get away I thought I really got right out Here we go again into time Winter now never looks the same We’ll just have to explode in the summer of rain and I’m written in stone Stone Given time hearing the only word that rhymes Got to remember just what we came here for Lightning flies Opening my eyes You’ve got to be mine Forever Surrender Stone… - Slave to My Heart I still remember Long time ago Said with conviction I’ll never let you go Such a long way to fly Got to try But I leaned too quickly When I reached for it It’s takin me higher, but I can feel a split Then it’s time to come down, back to the ground But, I’ll never let you go Timing isn’t everything now baby And now we’re movin There’s no way out! I took my chances Cause I thought that I could get out My voice echoes back in my head It said, I’ll never let you go Timing isn’t everything now baby Just like before, I’m locked up in our love once again And I cannot see the end But I know Winter’s comin So long, I’ve been runnin I know, I’m a slave to my heart Just like the stars You’re shinnin in my eyes once again And I cannot see the end Locked up in love I can feel the rain And I can feel it again Oh baby Slave to my heart ~~~ Flight of the Angel Stare out the window You’re Dreamin of the day Don’t wanna fade away You might be taken with a word I’m callin Can you remember, just how it used to feel When the dream was real The wind is whisperin again I’m fallin Flight of the Angel If love in time, takes us to the other side, Then we’ll be there But now we hide… And should we recall it when my heart cried, let her stay! You’ll want to run away It could be more than I could bear We’re cryin for the other side Flight of the Angel! Knock on your door It’s the love we came for We’ll be there So cry no more And our love will never die We’ve got to try to make it We’re reaching for then other side! It’s the love that we can’t hide Can you hear me knockin on the door Did I hear you tell me cry no more Are we far away HERE WE ARE TODAY It’s the love that we can’t hide * “” Two Edged Sward Young man of the world sent to disarm, Can hear the ringin of a distant alarm! In her hands, he’s got the box Let’s take a look inside And now we find, The plan divided There’s an element of danger They’re wonderin who’s at the wheel and It’s getting stranger Can’t let it go! They’re on the outside lookin in But they’re finding no way to begin His love for her a light shining innocent upon a captive virtue Won’t cross the line But then, his light became a flame That would burn inside her though the neon twilight It rained then it poured It’s like a two edged sward The meter’s peggin and the lights are blasin red! It’s getting deeper with all they’ve done and said Went strait to the head And then they took it right over the edge! And now the question rises Can they ever see the light again I never wanted it this way If I could just have one more chance this day Ohh don’t leave me now Looking up above So helplessly in love Oh take it away! Now then what, if we began to rise Defy the odds and walk through the illusion We’ll see. Our love is but a light Shining brilliantly into the neon twilight Shining on and on Yeah!

Welcome to the MDC Fan Page
     Welcome one and all to the gloriously overcomplicated fan page dedicated to Mr. Mark Dean of Amethyst Edge Productions. Here you can create accounts, update your accounts, subscribe and unsubscribe to other users, view the posts of any individual user, comment on others posts, and oh yeah... you can post your own voice here too. Have fun with it guys.
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