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Mark, As one musician to another..... How In the bleep do you get that good, and produce for others so well too. Can't wait to see you play live someday, with a reptillian girl or three. Just let me be the stage manager.Ok i'm no Rodger Deen but your music could put me there. Thanks, and please break out some more acoustic stuff next time, because it makes me cry!!Hope to see you soon at the Aladin Theater here in Portland.
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Thank you Chris More with acoustic will be forthcoming. After I got a bit of something out, I felt the need to bring round as it were, by adding another 12 minutes or so to the CD, with Across the Way and Oh My God, Like Gypsy Ears. Thank truly you for your response. You are very welcome to be a stage manager. Even 18 hours away. Although I played everything on the album, I could never see it as a one man thing, as I had mentioned in recent posts. I’ll scale the pieces and parts down, just to get it out there live if I can. I’d love to. Conscious or Connie the Repto should love to see Portland too. God knows I haven’t. Your questions regarding the balancing of work with other artists and time to tend to one’s self, if I understand correctly, is a subject for another page in this here site, such as Lyrics & concepts. But for now, I just wanted to have a break and do some reviewing of my own. It has been a warm night and I’m grateful. So, thank you Chris, for being among the first to spark this page with life. Best Always Mark

I'm speechless...much love.
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Starlyc Limler
Love in Vain
Love in Vain consistently gives me chills. I can't help but lose myself in it.
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That's just wonderful to hear, Starlyc. That's just what we're supposed to do. And to you, Beautiful. Thank you always. Love

aj and becky
Hey Dude!

Hey Mark,  Remember us?  Aj and Becky? I knew you wouldn't forget..I remembered your website name that your kid made for you.  This is Aj texting you here...I've been in a drug/alcohol rehab program. Check this out mark...I dont know if you could tell that we...I mean "I" had drug problems, However, I'm in Antioch, CA  with 117 days Clean and Sober and I've done my 12 step program( it never really finishes tho).  Anyways ...I'm still a fan of yours.  I told you I would send something and this is it.  By the way..I  cant figure out how to bring up those videos of you playing guitar and drums.  I have 2 and a half months of treatment to go and I'll be a free man once again.   have a good one   AJ 
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AJ, Good to hear you're taking care. Keep the Faith. You made it to the site. Go to Mark Dean's Caldera, then hit the yellow text that says see the Trailer. The rest of the vids are in the Videos button, once you're in the MDC Page. Thanks for the mellons. Keep breathing. Mark

Lona Pike
Did That Just Happen?
I think it did. Mark Dean commented & subscribed to my post! I think it is so awesome that you actually interact with your fans. I don't know if you know what that means to us!
I first discovered your music on Tumblr actually. One of my friends wanted me to help them gather up some information about... Mark Dean (Vice President of Performance for the RS/6000 Division) & someone had posted a video of "50k Watts Live", I played it & I was just blown away.

Lona Pike
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I certainly know how it feels to hear from you, so thank you. And I might know what you mean. I've had both pleasant experiences and not as much, with those who've inspired me musically. Some have been very, gracious. Hospitable, even. It didn't take them much to inspire me all the more. I'd have to say the ones I've found to be among the nicest have been Steve Morse and Ronnie James Dio. Responding to this page for me is relaxing. Like time off, which I don't get nearly enough. But, I've got my tea here.. It's a nice one. Thank you, Lona. Mark

Lona Pike
Mark Dean is Number One!
I just discovered this music today & I have never been more taken with an artist. The music gives me chills! I can't wait until I have money to buy your album!

Lona Pike
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And to you as well, Ya Sweet Thing. Right back at You. I can’t wait til I have money to come play for you. Your response makes breathing feel good to me and I thank you for that. I see you there. I wonder where you first came across this music. Thank you tremendously for your presence Lovely, and welcome. ~;~ Mark

Jango Listeners
Jango Listeners
“ like it keep up ”

“ -=\k]k] ”

“ cool ”

“ need to hear more!!! good stuff! ”

“ awesome ”

“ nice ”

“ OK... ”

“ Very catchy! ”

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Thank you for your Jango ears. It's been fun over the last season. ~;~

And to You
Thank you for the kind words and the warmth.
This comes to me in big waves and I truly hold it at the center. I know it has taken a while for me to get this music out to you (Believe me). Your presence carries me through and delivers the truth of what this is all about.

It is indeed moving, to hear from you, who have been there since the point of this work’s very inception and you are so very much appreciated.

You can hear the affect you have had on me throughout the development or this album over the years in the way it plays out. Every one of me thanks you with all my might for being out there and in here as well.

Much Love to You

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Thanks Mark! I appreciate it-

Uncensored Reviews!
It takes some balls and/or courage to post uncensored reviews on your own site.  The Hardrock Haven review was the closest to being accurate in my opinion, but the others seem to get hung up on the one man band/virtuoso aspect instead of focusing on the music.  These are songs that will move you because of the emotion being expressed within them - keep it up and don't compromise your artistic vision!
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Thank you very much, friend. You speak with no small measure of authority. I may have had to compromise some things, but never the vision itself. Thanks to the fine souls I’m surrounded by, this grows to the point of my deepest aspirations and longings. It’s obvious you've reviewed this web site, so thanks again for the support. I’m still struggling with how to better express myself, but I’m aware of how I feel, so the emotion you speak of may convey more than the words, for all I know. I’m just glad when someone sites that. I’m not trying go, ‘Celebrate me and say Boo Meany reviewers.’ And some have certainly been kinder than others… But you nailed it when it comes to the means of delivery with this work. This is no more about a one man band thing, than it is one. It is clearly not. But then, it’s also clear to me that I’m responding to someone here from both ends of the spectrum. I suppose that’s one reason why I appreciate it so. Thank you, Truly Mark

Starlyc Limler
I just wanted to take the time to let you know how kick ass "No Man is an Island" is.
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Shay-hay-mis.. Alright, hang on! I’m readin this here. … (Gulp) Thank you for our life together My Son. I’ll ball if I try to say a thing here so, Ya know. Thank you Bean, for such incredible inspiration. I love you .
Dear Starlyc, Thank you for two things here. A reminder of the potency contained a single line of words and of the need to not only take the time, but to also make the time. Love to you, Beautiful Mark
Fuck ya! It is not often to find an artist so true unto them themselves. And it is just a bad ass album.

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