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Thank you one and all for visiting. Few new things here.

Click here to veiw the MDC at AEP Video trailer on Youtube.

What began as an in-depth interview with Mark Dean by Kevin Rowland, became a tour of life. There is a reason Kevin was selected for this interview. The process provided a setting comfortable enough to invite and ponder some more challenging questions. Speaking at the subject, it was quite an experience for me. It made me look. Not unlike how all music is made out here, it grew into more than either of us expected. You can read it all or select a question from any era as well.

The Reviews page posts chronologically. Links for comments and responses from the MDC Fan Page can now be found in the footer links down there. Very much held and appreciated. Thank you.

The live videos of MDC at AEP featured on the previous AEP site can now be viewed along with others here. Some newer ones include Twenty from Three a guitar sampler, the Record Release Rarty for No Man is an Island with guest The Alt Jerry Jennings Band, and some tracks off the album. 50k Watts and the Drum Solo have now been divided into separate selections.

Lyrics and Concepts, is a page with random clips of a given verboseness or even a back story to a song as well as lyrics.

The Gallery Page too. Live stills, studio shots and such.

Links is where to find things such as radio stations where MDC has received air plays and other places to find MDC and some friends of.

Amethyst Edge Productions is our home and is where you will find No Man is an Island, by Mark Dean’s Caldera and All releases by AEP available for purchase.

Thank you for being out there.

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