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Lyrics and Concepts

Across the Way

Words & music by Mark Dean © 2010 Hackle Zup Music ASCAP.

Trust it's in the knowing. Don't say a word
and you will find me there. You know it.
This we always share.

I've seen all the fly by. I know where they go.
Walk the ground, they're coming. Illuminating.
This is where you live. This is how we give.
Feel it now.

Aligning for the day's dynamic. The joy in your eyes,
when you recognize me, looking back at you,
from this heart you see.

A faith blast beam at the soul. Feel my hand.
It's the love we've given. It's the world we live in.
What's gathered from the core has touched the ground.
See me now.

Reached. Heart's warm flood, to be with you.
Held, beneath the skin. Just to kiss you.
Hold the walk of home through the ages.
Reach all the way inside. How I love you.
Come with me.

To carry it over with you, bring water across the way.
Just like the way you carry me through.
You beautiful angel.

Tempo-d visions cross through time. I am here.
So, wake to morning shining. Dance in the light.
A landscape true to wonder. Look at the moon now.
Play back all the love.


Depicted as the most beautiful counter part, who's scales lay flat and smooth unless she's violent or otherwise aroused. She only appears in Hackle Zup's dreams, from across the unlit street where on one side, is unfinished or abandoned steel buildings and on the other side is what should be a Vegas type strip, but there's no power and it's vacant except for one small theater, where Della Robia (Trixie) performs as a magician's assistant and does circus tricks to an unruly crowd, with that all too professional game show smile that never stops.

When Hackle spots Conscious, (Repto Girl) walking out from the dark steel structures, she seems to be moving toward him faster than she's walking. She never smiles. (on the outside) The closer she gets, the more aware he becomes that she's getting inside his head. Her ability to instantly imprint herself onto his inner workings, too much, too fast, along with the fact that she's a bit terrifying, freaks him out and sends him running into the theater. Conscious does not pursue him beyond that point.

The Repto can now be heard throwing bottles against fences in the distance and screaming the word "WALL".

On her break, Trixie speaks with Zup about Conscious. It's never quite clear if she is leading him to or from Repto, (who she calls Connie) but as the only other one who can see her, it seems that the two of them are connected somehow. If fact, Della took the gig, because of something having to do with that connection. The question of whether or not Conscious could be a good thing becomes irrelevant as he wakes up to the ringing of a phone.

From this point on, he finds it difficult to carry on a relationship in the real world, becoming evermore drawn to thoughts of Conscious.

Sometime later, he dreams again of that unlit street, but this time he's frantically looking for her. Stepping one foot inside each vacant doorway. When he spots Trixie by the backstage door, he asks her if she can help him find Conscious. She answers him by whispering in his ear, "Words can't describe and you'll feel it right here". At that, Hackle Zup awakens to the sight of Conscious looking at him through his window.

Oh My God

Words & music by Mark Dean © 2010 Hackle Zup Music ASCAP.

Primal the cry, tone to the sky
In all that is quiet, we will not deny it
Reasons for why

The unbending mirror
The balancing staff
The gift of glimpse you hear as you fly

Walk through the bridge.
I will take you down to where the waterfall is high above us.

Little Symphonies play.
To the temples, you’re finger tips.
Pitch to the rising as you slowly shake your head

Love of my life must create and my star has been blessed in your keeping.
Alive is a heart that you hold.

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